Hello and welcome to my website, from printmaker Catherine Mynott

I am drawn to printmaking because I am a perfectionist. Because when you are creating the images for your print you can draw, re-draw, paint over, cut-out, collage, all until you think it’s just right. When you print you can mix and re-mix the colours, test and re-test them, and put them together until they too are just right. What I like best about printmaking is that you can always try again.

This can be a long process and for me it starts with drawing at home. At the kitchen table where I can spread out, it’s warm and there’s plenty of tea. Next, I print my work by hand at Edinburgh Printmakers Studio. Mostly working in screenprint or relief.

Botanical forms, flowers and leaves are what grab my interest. I find them beautiful. I work from life and enjoy having a good excuse to always have a gathered bouquet at home. I like to look at how sunlight passes through the petals and leaves. llluminating the detail. Delicate lines and patterns that you might not have seen at first glance, but can see in my prints.